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27 Apr 2015 14:33 | Allen Lund (Administrator)

I am sorry to report to you that our senate tax relief bill (SF1227), was not included in the Senate Omnibus Tax bill.  No sections of our bill made the senate omnibus tax bill.

I will be testifying tomorrow and asking the tax committee to reconsider their decision and include our bill.

The axiom "it is never over until it is over" is never more true than at the MN Legislature.  The House Omnibus tax bill includes all of our house tax bill (HF1176) proposals.  This will now be resolved in a conference committee.

I do not see this as strictly a partisan issue and I would urge you not to either.  We have tremendous supporters on both sides of the aisle.  One would have to go a long way to find bigger supporters than Senators Metzen, Saxhaug and Stumpf or Representatives Anzelc, Atkins and Lillie, all Democrats.  

Please take the time to contact your Representative and Senator telling them what relief would mean to your charity and mission.

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