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Chisago County Press charitable gaming article

03 Aug 2015 16:04 | Allen Lund (Administrator)

Please see the link to the article.

I have submitted the following rebuttle:

The article on charitable gaming in the 7/30 edition of the Chisago County Press was welcomed in helping to explain charitable gaming to the general public.

I do need to take issue with two of the comments at the end of article in regards to overhead and taxes.  The percentage figures quoted in regards to taxes (3.5%) and expenses (9%) are if we actually had $1.4 billion at our disposal to pay taxes and expenses.  The reality is that since we return 83% ($1.162 billion) of the $1.4 billion to players in our communities in the form of prizes, we have roughly $238 million at our disposal with which to pay expenses, taxes and contribute to our chosen missions. 

Charities get to deduct nothing prior to calculating our state tax liability; on average we pay 20% to the state for every dollar that we get to put in the bank (36% is our top rate).  This translates into almost $48 million in taxes to the state of MN this past year.   Chisago City Fire Relief is paying state taxes on the money that it uses to buy lifesaving equipment for the citizens of Chisago City. 

Overhead for charitable organizations averages just over 50% of the total money deposited, roughly $119 million.

That leaves charitable organizations with $71 million for our missions.  Not a small number by any means, but one that could be much greater if the state were not taking such a large cut of the proceeds meant to benefit our local communities.

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