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07 Feb 2017 08:54 | Allen Lund (Administrator)

Members and Associates,

This might be the most important thing you do this year on behalf of your charitable organization. Yes, what I'm asking of you is THAT important. On Wednesday, the Community Vitality Investment Act will receive its first legislative hearing. The bills (HF 226 in the House of Representatives and SF 419 in the Senate) would bring some fairness to how our charitable contributions are taxed.

Right now, charitable gaming organizations are the only entities in the state that provide good and services and are NOT able to deduct donations from their taxable income. Think about that. Our organizations exist only to invest in making our communities safer and better places in which to live and work. Yet, we alone are singled out under the state's tax code and required to pay taxes on charitable contributions. Legislators need to hear directly from YOU and the beneficiaries of your charitable contributions. Send an email, make a phone call or write a letter to your legislators (you can find out who represents you here -- ) and let them know how vital this legislation is to your community's vitality. 

Most importantly, let your legislator know what your organization does. Provide some examples of what your charitable contributions have meant to your community and the things that high taxes are preventing you from doing. Provide real-life examples.

Here are some other facts to share:

·         Charities now pay more than $1 million a week in taxes to the state on their charitable gaming operations – nearly $56 million in Fiscal Year 2016.

·         The legislation does NOT change current tax rates on charitable gaming organizations – rates that now average about 22 percent and is up to 7 times higher than for-profit organizations.

·         The change in law proposed under the legislation would only affect taxes imposed on charitable contributions. If successful, the legislation would give charities about $16 million more to invest in their communities, based on FY 16 revenue and contributions. Let your legislators know what the tax

It is essential that you contact your legislator today. Let him or her know how critical this legislation is savings could be invested in your community.  to your organization and your community. Be sure to reference the bill numbers (HF 226 when you are writing to a member of the House of Representatives and SF 419 when writing to a Senator. 

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