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05/04 Update

04 May 2018 08:15 | Allen Lund (Administrator)


Attached is an article from the Star Tribune this past Wednesday and my response that was the lead letter to the editor on Thursday.  The goal of those that want to keep the status quo is to use numbers such as sales that only serve to confuse the public and legislators as they equate sales with income.  Ours is a much harsher reality.       

As the 2018 legislative session winds down I wanted to calibrate your expectations as to what the chances are for tax relief of any kind.  I have been told that my constant carping on tax relief and unfair treatment is not well received at the legislature as it is upsetting to legislators.  I still hope that we will get the sales tax relief (House omnibus tax bill HF4385) as two powerful House members (Davids and Knoblach) are pushing for it.  Our sales tax relief bill did not make the Senate omnibus tax bill (SF3982).  See attached for what did make the Senate omnibus tax bill. 

We need to remember that if legislators thought we needed relief they would have provided relief.  We now know that the stadium fund is not sacrosanct, that cat is out of the bag.  Using the stadium as cover for not being able to give us relief is no longer an option as the House has shown (what we already knew, but nobody would confirm) that there is more money in the stadium fund than is needed to pay for the annual bonds and that legislators are willing to use it, just not on us. 

I predict that this year we will send the state right at $81 million in taxes/fees.  Target Corporation paid $105 million in state taxes last fiscal year on sales (money in the bank for them) of $71 billion (per  That’s right billion.  We will pay 77% of what Target paid in state taxes on .004% of their income ($300 million is my projection of sales minus prizes, money in the bank for us this fiscal year).  We pay 27% of what we get to the bank in state tax and Target pays .001%.  I am not picking on Target, but only as an example of how differently we are treated by government.  

CONVENTION NEWS: At the Friday evening banquet in Bemidji THE Johnny Holm Band will be the entertainment.  Remember to pack your dancing shoes!





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