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28 Sep 2018 04:40 | Allen Lund (Administrator)


My prediction is that when the FY2018 numbers come out they will show that since the passage of the 2012 stadium bill we have had less bottom line dollar growth than the bar, state or distributor/manufacturer.

If you had told me that a charitable, need based community safety net would be changed in such a way as to benefit others more than the charity, I would have said “Not in Minnesota, no way, no how. That is not who we are”. But yet here it is.

Our legislators are being told that we are not good stewards of the dollars that we receive, that we are self serving and keep dollars for our own use that would otherwise go to the needy.   

Those that want to keep the status quo are saying “It’s their expenses; they pay their sellers, they pay their gambling manager, they don’t comparison shop their paper games and they have more dollars than they had six years ago”.

There is no explaining away that the reason for charitable gaming, helping those in need, is the lowest rung of the profit ladder since the passage of the stadium bill. Six years is a long time. The numbers are not an anomaly; they are a trend that needs to be addressed.

We are being made out to be less than honorable. Our character and integrity is being called into question. As a whole you are the most caring, selfless group of people that I have ever had the privilege to be associated with. I have seen your good works. I know your dedication and the sacrifices you have made.

I understand the reluctance to get involved. Many of us believe that it will not do any good, that nothing we say or do is going to get our legislators to come to our aid. I am not telling you that contacting your legislators will bring about change. I am telling you that if you are not willing to defend your honor, nobody else will either.  

Take time to review your own numbers from FY2013 through FY2018. See who benefited the least and who benefited the most. Share that with your legislators.

Find out who represents you at Talk to them about the difference that you make in your community, what more you would be able to do if more money stayed in your community.

Below are the contact links for the Walz and Johnson campaigns along with a link to a recent Forbes article on the worth of NFL franchises.


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